KT Productions, Inc.

My mission is to bring a positive awareness of what it is to be “Fit for Life” by sharing, teaching and inspiring individuals to practice a healthy lifestyle. Being “fit” is a reference to mind, body and soul. Retaining a level of fitness will allow you to be able to participate in any activity you choose.


KT Productions, Inc. was created so that Drug Free Events could be promoted and sanctioned under the NANBF
(North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation).

These events will always have health & fitness as the foundation. They can be competitions, seminars, workshops, clinics, classes & individual speaking engagements. The goal is to expose people to the knowledge & practice of how to incorporate & maintain a healthy lifestyle and where that can take you. This platform provides an opportunity to reach out to many, who otherwise might not have a resource for this knowledge.


Through education & opportunity, KT Productions, Inc. will HIGHLIGHT Drug Free Bodybuilding at its highest level.


Note: The NANBF operates under the non-profit status. KT Productions, Inc. is in the process of obtaining its individual
non-profit status from the IRS.


Katy Wayman-White, President

KT Productions, Inc.

Current member of the Auburn Chamber of Commerce