Natural Female Bodybuilding Coalition



Where was female bodybuilding 5 years ago and where will it be 5 years from now? Over the last several years, there has been a decline in media coverage of female bodybuilders and showing more favor to figure and fitness models. Therefore, a majority of women have chosen to compete in Figure and now Bikini. Let’s face it, we are influenced by what we see and hear, as well as by what we don’t see or don’t hear. Can it be, female bodybuilding is out of sight - out of mind?


The Natural Female Bodybuilding Coalition team was formed to promote and educate women about bodybuilding. We strive to get female natural bodybuilding alive and thriving! The sport of women’s figure, fitness, physique, fit body & bikini all originated from: “WOMEN’S BODYBUILDING”


Our goal is to get back to basics with specific, practical information regarding women’s physique competitions AKA female bodybuilding. You'll leave feeling energized, educated, inspired and motivated!!

Topics of discussion

          Perception of women with muscle.

          Training - how to build a muscular, healthy, and eye pleasing physique.

          Diet and Nutrition for bodybuilding and life.

          Posing, stage presentation and posing routines.

          Benefits of competing as a bodybuilder

          Keeping the sport alive (promoting ideas). What can we do to help you experience the joy we have found in it?


What is it to be a Natural Female Bodybuilder and what are the differences between figure and bodybuilding.





Tina Smith                                                Jan Rowlett                                                Terri Reeves                                                Katy Wayman-White